Production Process

Rantex with current production capacity of 1.6 million meters a month is a fast growing company where we aim to reach a mark of 3 million meters by 2018 for Denim Fabrics.

Yet another unique feature at Rantex is the capability of producing Non Denim Twills, PFD along with Light Weight Denim fabrics with a dedicated capacity of 2 Million meters a month.

This all has only been possible by strong confidence and entrust from our customer and we look forward to strengthen our reputation.

With the use of the most modern and advance technology in our production processes we have very uniquely positioned ourselves as strategic partners to world leading brand labels and with our increasing capacities we look forward to add more potential partners to our business portfolio.

Our lean and high efficient supply chain & procurement systems allow us to deliver outstanding value as well as unbeatable rapid pace to our customers from purchase order to goods in warehouse.